- About Us -

Amphitryon Inc. was founded in 1983 by Bob and Penny Payne. Both had a passion for the culinary arts and wanted to turn that passion into an exquisite catering service.
In 1985 the Court in the Square building was renovated and Amphitryon Inc. both opened Cafe in the Court as well as began catering events on site in the atrium portion of the building. Their small bistro served the tenants of the building and the Pioneer Square neighborhood.
As the popularity of event catering grew, the cafe was closed to focus solely on event services. Amphitryon aimed to create a customizable event planning experience for each client. Amphitryon has remained committed to meeting our clients needs with a planning structure that allows people to bring their vision for their event to life here in the Atrium at Court in the Square.
Amphitryon has hosted events for local pillars of the Seattle community such as universities, corporations, local sports teams, community service companies, local artists and musicians along with the many personal clients we have served. Each event is given the attention needed to ensure it is a complete success.
Early in the inception, Amphityron began working with Food Lifeline to help in their campaign for hunger relief. Food that remained after service at Cafe in the Court began being donated to local shelters. This extended to the catering services as well. Amphitryon continues to do our part to combat hunger in our city by donating food that is remaining following each event to local shelters.
*Amphitryon Catering  is not affiliated with the Court in the Square building or its management; Crossbeam Investments.

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