- Venue Rentals -

At Amphitryon Catering we work hand in hand with you to create a completely customized event.


- The atrium rental for your event is $3000.00. Payment of this fee is your deposit and

   begins the process of planning your event with us.

- We rent the venue only one time daily. This allows us to give your event the utmost attention. The day of your

   event, our staff works exclusively for you and your event's needs.

- As you begin to develop a mental picture of your event you should consider the following: the budget allocated

   to the catering portion of your event will be apportioned in approximately this manner:

                                1/2 Food              1/4 Beverage               1/4 Service and Incidentals

- The above is a basic division of expenses and will vary with the type of format and style of presentation, but

   provides a general estimate of overall expenses.

- Menu preparation is provided on a custom basis as well. We work hand in hand with you to establish the

   desired elements of your menu. Together we will develop a style, cuisine and presentation that will best satisfy

   the requirements of your event.

-  The customizations continue as we design your beverage service. You can design your service in one of two

   ways; either by having us supply your beverages or by providing your own beverages.

- If we supply your beverages you will be charged only for beverages consumed. If you choose to provide your

   own beverages, we will charge a corkage and handling fee for beverage services.

- We have 3 taps at our bar and can get most any beverages you desire. We will utilize our relationships with local

   vendors to get competitive retail pricing for champagne, beer, wine and non-alcoholic beverages.

- Liquor can be provided upon request and is billed according to standard bar pricing determined by brand


- The service and incidentals portion of your event will be billed based on format and structure. This element

   involves personnel and equipment necessary to provide for your event as designed. All aspects required to

   provide for your event will be taken into consideration. Principally these charges include: service staff, utensils,

   and seating provisions.

Many options are available for your consideration. Focus on the overall structure and develop a mental picture. Our staff will help you design and develop the event you visualize.

As you begin planning determine the time period you will invite your guests and think about how they would be occupied during this time. Pick an establishment you enjoy; type, style of food and service provided. "Go there" during the scheduled time and order as you deem appropriate for the period; hour d'oeuvres, snack, meal, drinks. Determine your bill.

We will be competitive for similar style, presentation and cost.

*Amphitryon Catering  is not affiliated with the Court in the Square building or its management; Crossbeam Investments.

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