- Frequently Asked Questions -

- Does Amphitryon Catering provide catering for all events?

    *Yes. Amphtiryon Catering provides both the venue rentals and the catering services.


- Do you have a specific price guide that I can plan with?

    *Because we provide you with customized services we do not have set pricing. We can

      however provide you with sample menues. They are presented solely for comparitive

      purposes, you are not restricted to these selections.

- How far in advance should I book my event?

    *Events can be booked as far in advance as you desire. Most event venues start to get full bookings

      around a year out from the event date, so locking down your event venue is a key first step. 

- Are there specific times that I must work within for my event schedule?

    *Yes & No. We book the venue only one time per day. Weekdays you may have access to the space after

      5:30pm. Weekend days you may have access to the space at whatever time you need. Access to the space

      requires staff to be present at all times.​

- Is an on site dressing facility available?

    *Yes. Dressing rooms/staging rooms on site can be provided.

- Am I able to hire a coordinator outside of Amphitryon Catering?

    *Yes. You may hire an outside coordinator for your event. If you do not have a 'day of coordinator' we can

      provide a designated coordinator for you at an additional cost.​

- Will Amphitryon provide  me with decorating services for my event?

    *Clients must make all arrangements for decoration placement and removal. All installation and removal

      must occur on the day of the event. Catering staff does not provide decorating services UNLESS specific

      arrangements have been made prior to the event and are part of the written service contract.​

- Does Amphitryon Catering provide cakes and desserts as part of my food service?

    *Yes & No. Desserts can be provided as part of your food service. Amphitryon Catering does not however

      provide presentation cakes for events. We can provide a list of local bakers who we have experience

      working with if desired.​ 

- Am I able to schedule an on-site rehearsal prior to my wedding?

    *Yes. On site rehearsals can be scheduled prior to your event. Rehearsals must be scheduled after regular

      scheduled business hours (5:30pm) and are limited to 1 hour in length.​

- Are there any restrictions regarding materials used for decorating?

    *Yes. A full list of rental provisions can be provided on request but the following items are not allowed on

      site for decoration purposes. Rice, Confetti, Bird Seed, Glitter, and Sequins as part of decorations, used

      on table tops or as thrown objects on departure are not allowed. As well, potentially dangerous items

      when on the hard floor that can cause slipping injuries such as uncontained marbles, glass shards, mylar

      or liquids are not allowed. Any decorations that are placed must not leave damage to the facility.​

      Candles used must meet fire code. (Specifics regarding code can be provided on request)

*Amphitryon Catering  not affiliated with the Court in the Square building or its management; Crossbeam Investments.

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