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Frequently asked questions:

1. On average what does a 150 person wedding cost? At Court in the Square Catering each event is customized exclusively for you and your needs.   

Pricing is based on what you want to provide your guests with. As a beginning for planning purposes you should consider the following. Your budget for the event will be apportioned approximately in this manner: 1/2 for food, 1/4 for beverage, and 1/4 for service and incidentals.

2. What is the deposit?  To secure your event a grand lobby court rental fee of $3000 is required. We reserve the court once daily.


3. Does the piano move? Yes. The piano is able to be moved on main floor, and is available for use at no additional charge. 


4. There is a light above he front door can we turn that off?   No.  This light is an Emergency Exit light, but we place trees in front which makes it less noticeable.


5. Can people bring in a late night snack via hamburgers delivered or food truck?  Yes.

6. Is parking available? Although we do not have parking on location, there are several lots located in the immediate area surrounding the venue.


7. Is there a kid menu? Yes. Because your event is customized, you are able to build your menu in any way necessary.


8. Can you offer a light beer in a keg?  We can procure virtually any beer served in WA. Again, your event is customized exclusively for you, and this includes your beverage selections. Our bar can accomodate 3 beers on tap. We utilize NW Brewers whenever possible.


9. Are balloons allowed? Yes. Ballons are allowed if secured and not released indoors.  Clients are responsible for any entanglement in roof mechanisms.  Ballloons, however, are not recommended unless secured as "Arch" or specific decoration.  


10. Can we put small tables on the ramp side in front of the elevators after dinner?  Yes, however,  usually we use the Bistro (high) tables in this area as it does not restrict flow as much.


11. What hotel  suggestions are there? We are happy to provide a list of nearby options.  


12. When is final payment/final order due? Final payments are due 30 days following event.


13. Do clients need to get event insurance?  No. Event insurance is not required. Very Rarely do clients get insurance.

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